Schultz was eventually killed in a shootout when he shot Calvin Candie in the chest with his ladygun. [Schultz takes a seat on Candie’s carriage] Although I agree that this moment seemed to happen more for the sake of the plot and the action than out of any attempt to make that plot or its characters reasonably lifelike, there are a few ways we could explain Schultz's rash action. You going to reimburse me? What is her name? [Hoot is still lying on the ground] Why did the white people on Candieland respect or even take commands from Stephen? Three brothers. [Stephen and Candie laugh] Calvin Candie: Fine. Calvin Candie: How long was he loose? Calvin Candie: Yes, I do, doctor. Roy: I can understand that. Dr. King Schultz: My name is Dr. King Schultz. Rodney: No, sir. Broomhilda Von Shaft: I don’t. Right in front of both y’all! I’ve just had the sights fixed and they’re perfect. [there’s a moment’s pause as Bennett’s mob lower their guns] He wants to finish the quest and get Django what he needs (Broomhilda), but that would require him paying Candie which to Schultz means compromising. I want six men, six rifles behind it. ain’t no one want to look at her whipped up back. Persnickety man named Tuttle, and I would need my Mr. Tuttle to draw up a legal contract before I’d feel comfortable exchanging that amount of money for flesh. If you’re not in a position to refuse, all the better. Django: His son’s with him. [Ace raises his rifle towards Schultz] Calvin Candie: Mr. Stonesipher, let Marsha and her b*tches send D’Artagnan to ni***r heaven. Now, that may seem like a good idea, but truth is, when you snip a ni***r’s nuts, most of them bleed out in, oh, about, hm, seven minutes. O.B. I just got her all dressed up and looking nice. Calvin Candie: Well, come on over. It was only your ridiculous offer of twelve thousand that made me even consider it. Now, why that German gives a f*ck who that uppity son of a b*tch is in love with, I’m sure I don’t know. You going to be on the wanted posters now, ni***r. Them bounty hunters going to be looking for you. This is what I do. So, like sl*very, it’s a flesh for cash business. But that last one, you muddled the line between winning and losing. Calvin Candie: Now, now, now, now, now. Schultz is a mentor to Django, who is morally ambiguous, much like Mime is to Siegfried. Believe that! Django: You think I lost sight of that? The sight upsets Schultz, but Django does not visibly react. Why do we not observe a greater Casimir force than we do? Roy: Now, Floyd, you got that rifle up on the wagon, don’t you? [as the lighted cable on the dynamite continues to quickly burn its way towards the dynamite sticks, Django opens the door and leaves the house, Stephen continues yelling out] [as Stephen turns to go he whispers to Candie] Dr. King Schultz: To The Bl*ck Hercules. Calvin Candie: Quit stalling, now. That there is the pantry, that’s where Big Daddy hang all his dead meat. Free or not, it’s just too dangerous. I mean, if I don’t move my head I can see you pretty good, more or less. [flashback to Django’s wife] She being punished. Now, I watched my wife work all day getting thirty bags together for you ungrateful sons-a-b*tches, and all I can hear is criticize, criticize, criticize! Where can we even begin with this character from Django Unchained. He’s an old Joe that lived around here for a long time. Dr. King Schultz (early 1800s - May 5, 1859) was a dentist-turned-bounty-hunter who freed Django and helped him rescue his wife. Sheriff Gus: Huh. Marshal Gill Tatum. There’s always going to be a Candyland! U.S. Marshall Gill Tatum: Yes, it is. Calvin Candie: Dr. Schultz, in Greenville, you yourself said that for the right ni***r you’d be willing to pay what some may consider is a ridiculous amount. [turning to Schultz and Django] [he takes out his notebook and starts writing] Now, after you have that, and you know you have that, then you can start to implement a grand design. [he turns and walks to the other side of the barn] And if I wanted to sell Eskimo Joe for that, I could do so any day of the week. Calvin Candie: Go on, now. [the Mandingo fighters look at each other but say nothing, Roy takes his gun out and points it at the men in the cage] Calvin Candie: No, no, no, no. Stephen: I’d rather discuss that in private. Stephen: Nine! Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: That’s the boy’s name. [Candie rises from his seat and turns to face Schultz] In fact for me a much more important question was the deeper reason for this aversion. Dr. King Schultz: I hear at least two of them are overseeing up in Gatlinburg, but I don’t know where. Stagecoach robbery. Dr. King Schultz: So I wish to parley with you. [Stephen does an evil quite laugh] [the two fighters are not beating each other to death] [he starts laughing] [with his back to the new arrivals and before any introductions, Candie addresses Schultz] Roy: “For murder…” Stephen: What you think she doing there in The Hot Box? Dr. King Schultz: Yes! Broomhilda Von Shaft: At the table? [pointing to Django] Dr. King Schultz: Thank you. [Candie walks over to Django] Do you understand? Or shall we call him The Bl*ck Hercules? Mr. Moguy, would you be so kind as to collect the pistol hanging off these boys hips here? Dr. King Schultz: Good morning, innkeeper! Calvin Candie: Well, hell, I can’t imagine two weeks in Boston. You just treat him like you would Jerry. [Roscoe hands Big Fred a beer bottle and he turns to face Candie] Calvin Candie: Now, considering y’all have ridden a whole lot of miles, went through a whole lot of trouble, and done spread a whole lot of bull to purchase this lovely lady right here, it would appear that Broomhilda is in fact the right ni***r. And if y’all want to leave Candyland with Broomhilda, the price is twelve thousand dollars. Mr. Stonesipher: Hey! Django: Didn’t you hear him tell you I ain’t no sl*ve? Dr. King Schultz: [Django hands his head, Schultz looks at him and looks back up at Big Daddy] Mr. Bennett! This stirs up his moral sense when he witnesses D'Artagnan's killing which subsequently makes him kill Candie... To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: It’s against the law for ni***rs to ride horses in this territory. Dr. King Schultz: [subtitled] Say, “I promise.” Django: She didn’t want to run off with me. [Schultz gives the piece of paper to Django] So, as I see it, when it comes to the subject of what to do next, you gentlemen have two choices. [Candie chuckles] Now what you got to say about that? Calvin Candie: Stephen, he’s a sl*ver. Let’s talk about this! Stephen: Sure would. The farmer says no. It should be me, John. Django says that Schultz, being a foreigner, is unaccustomed to America. Their name is Brittle. Dr. King Schultz: Broomhilda is a German name. Movies & TV Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for movie and TV enthusiasts. [back at the bar; to the bartender at the bar] Frankie: Do what, now? [Candie enters the room] [Candie slaps the table] You’re welcome, Calvin. Stephen: Calvin, just who the hell is this ni***r you feels the need to entertain? O.B. Dr. King Schultz: [subtitled] Now, it’s myself and our mutual friend’s intention to take you away from here forever. Dr. King Schultz: The awful truth? Django: It’s me, baby. Calvin Candie: Look at that, doctor. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m getting dirty. The man to my left is Django Freeman, he’s my deputy. So I’ll talk slowly. You just interrupted Dr. Schultz here. [Schultz considers Candie’s words for a moment before replying] Most of them. Django: Now, Monsieur Candie, whenever you’re ready. Dr. King Schultz: Quite spectacularly so. I miss you like I misses a rock in my shoe. Calvin Candie: How long has she been in the box? Calvin Candie: Yes, you may. Dr. King Schultz: I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Growing up the son of a, of huge plantation owner in Mississippi puts a white man in contact with a whole lot of bl*ck faces. Broomhilda Von Shaft: I ain’t. Django: I thought you was mad at me for killing Big John and Little Raj. [Django puts his plate away and comes over to Schultz and sits in front of him] Had he just shaken hands, it seemed plausible that everyone would have walked out of that place alive. And if y’all think my price for this ni***r here is too steep… Dr. King Schultz: Schultz. Django: What kind of dentist are you? No worries. Django: Yes, Brittle. With Candie, Shultz was shaking and sweating and having flashbacks to seeing a slave torn apart by vicious dogs. Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Damn, I can’t see f*cking sh*t out of this thing. Little Raj Ellis: Okay, she’s ready! [after Django’s killed Billy] How to rewrite mathematics constructively? Dr. King Schultz: Don’t be afraid. Django: D’Artagnan, m*therf*ckers! [Django tips his hat to acknowledge Candie; the scene then cuts to the previous evening, when they were all having dinner at The Cleopatra Club] But since what “auf wiedersehen” actually means is “till I see you again”, and since I never wish to see you again, to you, sir, I say goodbye. Januar 2013. What did Catelyn Tully see on Roose Bolton's hand before she slapped him, Unusual Death in Django Unchained (Female death censoring?). Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: You know Jerry, don’t you, sugar? So in this flashback he recapitulated what evil he was really standing against there. [Moguy goes over to Django and collects his gun] His name was Joe, maybe one day he said he was cold. Django: You want me to play a bl*ck sl*ver? [Schultz replies in French] Pa! [he takes the mask off] Calvin Candie: Roscoe, Coco, go outside and play. Dr. King Schultz: Now, I have to admit, we make a good team. [looking at Django] [he turns and shoots Little Raj, emptying the gun]. Also, if I were you, I’d take that winter coat the dear departed Speck left behind. Django: Look at them run. Stephen: Oh, God! Billy Crash: I got you. Calvin Candie: You can tie your horse up back there. Dr. King Schultz: [subtitled] Please come inside, Fraulein. Calvin Candie: What’s she doing there? So, I would like the two of us to enter into an agreement. Dr. King Schultz: With all due respect, Monsieur Candie, I didn’t seek you out for your advice. Stephen’s right, you might find this interesting. You ain’t got nothing to say I want to hear. [first lines; 1858 – two years before the Civil War, Django, chained to other sl*ves, is being marched to his new owner’s estate in Texas by the Speck brothers when a man in a dentist cart pulls up] Roy: Now this white man, was the bl*ck his sl*ve? Dr. King Schultz: After this Brittle business is behind us, you’ll be a free man, with a horse, seventy-five dollars in your back pocket. Maybe even share a last word. You ain’t got nothing better to do than to come into Bill Sharp’s town and show your ass? Dr. King Schultz: I figured you must be an admirer. Dr. King Schultz: This is my valet, my valet does not walk. Dr. King Schultz: No doubt. Calvin Candie: You mean get up out of my chair? Sheriff Bill Sharp: Alright, folks, calm down. Don’t you touch my brother’s coat. Dr. King Schultz: You work with me through the winter till the snow melts, I give you a third of my bounties. [Django whips him to the ground and then throws the whip away, he picks up John Brittle’s gun and faces the others sl*ves watching him] Stephen: Two. When he was then finally urged to shake hands with a man he hated so much, he just couldn't resist. I track that man, I find that man, I kill that man. [Broomhilda nods her head as she turns back to look at Schultz] For starters Christoph Waltz won an Academy Award for his Role in Django Unchained as Schultz, a second win for him after winning the academy award for the same category for starring in another Tarantino movie Inglorious Bastards 4 years prior. Ace Speck: Last chance, fancy pants. ni***rs don’t walk around here, ni***rs run! [Candie pushes Broomhilda into his seat] Dr. King Schultz: What a rare pleasure. [to Betina] Django bounty hunts with Schultz for six months, in return for which Schultz will help Django to free his wife from slavery. Django Unchained is a 2012 film in the style of a Spaghetti Western by Quentin Tarantino (his seventh film overall), who calls it a "Southern" because it is set in the Deep South rather than The Wild West.. Billy Crash: Bl*ck boy paid to kill white men? It only takes a minute to sign up. Calvin Candie: Come on up, now, boy. Django: The D is silent, hillbilly. Schultz asks Django about Candie and this is the point when Schultz learns of Candie's awful ways. Dr. King Schultz: Fair enough, Marshal. [one of the trackers takes the dogs to one side away from D’Artagnan] After dinner. She was raised by a German mistress, the Von Shafts. Little Raj Ellis: You ready? He cannot be treated like a sl*ve. Once it catches your ass, you’re caught. [Schultz steps out of the saloon] Stephen: Need to have what? [Stephen moves to the kitchen door, swings it open, and watches Schultz] House Servant: Oh, you mean Jerry. [inside the room with the door closed, Schultz speaks in German to Broomhilda] Stephen: Hold your fire! I do believe you were just getting ready to make me a proposition to buy Broomhilda. What’s not to like? Stephen: Personally, I don’t give a good goddamn what you believe or don’t believe! [Moguy rises from his seat and goes over to Schultz get his guns] Stephen: He going to stay in The Big House? Django: Why you care what happen to me? You travel with me until we find them. Calvin Candie: Ah, yes. Calvin Candie: Panache. There you go. [Stephen starts walking off towards the house and mutters], [after Stephen walks off, Candie stands up in his carriage and yells out], [Candie sister walks out on to the front porch of the house], [Candie jumps down from his carriage and goes over to his sister], [he kisses her cheeks, Schultz and Candie ride over closer to the house], [Lara Lee does a curtsy; one of the overseers rides over to the sl*ves lined up outside the house], [the sl*ves start running off towards the pen], [he points over to a large iron box on the grounds a little in the distance, this make Django look over at the box with concern], [on hearing this, Django puts his hand on his gun, ready to draw], [on hearing that Broomhilda is still alive, Django takes his hand off his gun], [Candie kisses his sister’s cheek before walking into the house], [after Candie goes into the house, Stephen yells over to the overseers], [as Cora runs over to the iron box, Django watches as the overseers open up the iron coffin like box, throw water on Broomhilda, who’s naked, and as the water hits her she screams out and cries, the overseers drag her out of the box and take her away to be cleaned up, Django continues to watch when Stephen calls out to him], [Django turns and gives Stephen a cold look], [later that evening, a cleaned up Broomhilda is brought to Schultz by Lara Lee and Cora, Lara Lee knocks on Schultz’s door and he opens the door], [Schultz looks at Broomhilda and she curtsy’s], [inside the room with the door closed, Schultz speaks in German to Broomhilda], [Schultz walks over to the other side and pours her a glass of water, he holds out the glass to her and as she comes over to take it, he holds onto the glass for a moment], [Schultz walks over to his bed and starts making it up], [we see Django on the other side of the adjoining door, listening], [there’s a moment’s pause as he looks at Broomhilda], [Broomhilda drinks from her glass of water], [Schultz points to the adjoining door behind her], [Broomhilda nods her head as she turns back to look at Schultz], [Schultz raps on the bedpost to give his signal, and the adjoining door slowly opens, Broomhilda sees Django standing there], [shocked, Broomhilda drops her glass of water then she falls on the floor in a dead faint, Schultz and Django look at each other], [in the kitchen, Stephen walks past Cora as she is instructing the other house sl*ves on what to serve at dinner], [Stephen walks into the dining room and stands next to Candie, Django and the other white people including Schultz are sat around the dining table, the house sl*ves, including Broomhilda are serving them], [the other house sl*ves in the room look shocked at the way Django just spoke to Candie], [Schultz turns to Broomhilda and snaps his fingers at her, she comes forward and pours him some more wine, as she pours he speaks to her quietly in German and she smiles], [this makes Stephen laugh hard while everyone else at the table chuckles], [Schultz touches Broomhilda’s arm and she smiles shyly], [Broomhilda looks up in shock and Django quickly looks away], [this makes the others at the table chuckle, Broomhilda leaves the room and as she leaves Stephen watches her with suspicion and then looks at Django], [Stephen follows Broomhilda into the kitchen], [Stephen looks at her with suspicion and leaves the kitchen to go back into the dining room], [back to the dinner table, the conversation about the Mandingo fighters continues], [Schultz considers Candie’s words for a moment before replying], [this makes Candie smile and then Schultz suddenly slaps the table], [he looks over at Django and Django raises five fingers], [Candie raises his glass and the others do the same], [Schultz turns to touch his glass to Django’s and says quietly], [Broomhilda steps next to him and pours more wine into his glass], [Schultz and Django look tensely over at them], [Stephen looks to see how Django reacts, Django just watches Broomhilda with tension], [Stephen starts to undoing Broomhilda’s dress at the back, Broomhilda looks over at Django with tears in her eyes], [as Django watches this, he slowly takes his hand down to his gun, getting ready to draw], [Stephen pushes Broomhilda’s dress back and turns her around, showing her exposed back], [Candie points to the whip marks on Broomhilda’s back], [suddenly Lara Lee snaps and slaps the table], [Django nods his head and puts his gun back into his holster and takes his hand off the gun], [Stephen watches how Django has been reacting and smiles to himself, Cora walks into the room], [Cora sees how Broomhilda’s dress has been undone at the back], [Cora takes Broomhilda out of the dining room, Stephen takes one more look at Django, and follows Broomhilda and Cora into the Kitchen], [in the kitchen, Cora helps Broomhilda with doing up the back of her dress], [Stephen sneaks up behind Cora and Broomhilda], [tears start welling up in Broomhilda’s eyes], [the whole kitchen goes quiet as Stephen watches Broomhilda, then the silence is broken as they hear Schultz speaking to Candie in the dining room], [suddenly Stephen grabs hold of Broomhilda’s arm and pushes her down into the nearby chair], [Stephen moves to the kitchen door, swings it open, and watches Schultz], [suddenly Stephen interrupts by barging into the dining room and shouting behind him], [as Stephen turns to go he whispers to Candie], [then more loudly so the others can hear], [Stephen leaves the room, then Candie turns to the table], [Candie turns to leave and as he opens the door to the kitchen he addresses the house sl*ves], [the house sl*ves start clearing the dinner table], [Candie enters the library where Stephen is sat in a chair drinking brandy], [Candie sits in the chair opposite Stephen’s], [Calvin thinks for a moment taking all this in], [suddenly Candie snaps his hand in anger and shouts], [back in the dining room, Lara Lee is talking to Schultz, trying to hold down the fort until Candie returns], [he comes up behind her chair and leans down to kiss her cheek], [Lara Lee rises, Candie kisses her cheeks and she exits the room], [Candie takes out a skull from a box and places it on the dining table], [Candie sits and places his hand on top of the skull], [Moguy laughs and Candie gives him a cold look], [Candie rises from his seat and takes out a small saw], [Candie starts sawing the back of the skull and breaking off the piece], [he points to the areas on the piece of skull], [points to the hammer placed on the table], [suddenly the dining room door bursts open and Pooch points his sawed-off shotgun at Schultz and Django, this makes Schultz and Django jump up and turn from their seats, Candie yells at them], [Schultz and Django slowly turn and sit back down with their palms on the table], [Moguy rises from his seat and goes over to Schultz get his guns], [Moguy goes over to Django and collects his gun], [Stephen enters the dining room with Broomhilda through the kitchen, he pushes Broomhilda forward], [Django and Broomhilda look at each other], [he grabs hold of top of Broomhilda’s head making her yell out], [he takes the hammer from the table, then suddenly pushes Broomhilda’s head down on the table and holds the hammer up as if to smash her head with it, Django reacts by jumping out of his chair], [Pooch points his sawed-off shotgun at Django’s back], [Candie continues to hold Broomhilda’s head down and holding the hammer up with his other hand and yells out], [Schultz quickly removes his wallet from his jacket pocket and throws it on the table towards Candie, Stephen picks up the wallet and takes out a wad of cash and starts counting it], [Stephen pockets the cash and throws the wallet back towards Schultz on the table, Candie smashes the hammer on the table and yells], [we see Calvin signing over Broomhilda’s bill of sale with Moguy acting as witness, Broomhilda stands next to Django, and watches Candie sign the papers, Schultz is sat in the parlor looking disturbed as he remembers how D’Artagnan was killed, Pooch is also sat in the room holding his shotgun and Lara Lee is sat in the background playing the harp], [Schultz, looking upset, turns to Lara Lee as she continues to play the harp], [he pulls her hands off the harp and opens the parlor doors and goes through to the library], [Candie picks up two plates of white cake, and still holding the signed bill of sale, walks over to Schultz in the library], [Candie places one plate of cake and the bills of sale on the table nearby and starts eating his own cake, seating down in one of the chairs], [Schultz is standing with his back to Candie], [Schultz points to the bill of sale on the table nearby], [Schultz walks over to the table and picks up the papers], [Schultz goes over to the table, picks up the pen and signs the paper, he then takes the paper and pen to Candie and gives it to him to sign, Candie gives the pen back to Schultz], [he turns and holds out the bill of sale up towards Broomhilda], [Schultz puts the bills of sale in his back pocket], [Candie rises from his seat and turns to face Schultz], [Pooch turns to Broomhilda and points his shotgun at her, Django comes over and stands in front of her], [Schultz walks towards Candie, offering his hand when suddenly the small gun pop out from Schultz sleeve and into his hand and he shoots Candie in the heart, Candie looks down at his bullet wound with shock then falls dead to the floor, everybody in stunned and Stephen starts crying out and goes over to Candie’s body], [suddenly Schultz is blown away as Pooch fires his sawed-off shotgun at him, Django then grabs hold of Pooch’s hand gun and shoots him with it], [Moguy starts to run off when Django turns to shoot at him but misses], [as Moguy opens the parlor door Django shoots him, Django then jumps out of the parlor and starts shooting at Candie’s men, then a blood bath of a shooting rampage follows as Django keeps shooting and killing Candie’s men as they come at him], [as the shootout continues Django runs out of bullets and hides under some fallen furniture, he sees more of Candie’s men enter the house and they start shooting at him], [the shooting stops and Stephen comes out of his hiding place from the parlor], [Billy steps out holding Broomhilda with a gun at her head], [Django pauses trying to think what to do], [Django throws his gun aside and steps out from under the furniture on seeing this Broomhilda cries out], [he faces Candie’s men, takes his jacket off then holds his hands up and walks forward into the hall where Candie’s men surround him], [we see Django has been strung up naked, upside down in the barn, he is unconscious and his is inches off the floor with a muzzle tied to his face, Billy walks into the barn towards Django and wakes him up by hitting his boot against Django’s muzzle], [he turns and walks to the other side of the barn], [Billy takes his jacket off and walks back towards Django], [Billy heats up his huge knife, holds it up, he walks towards Django and grabs Django’s genitals], [just then Stephen walks into the barn carrying Django’s clothes under his arm], [as Billy leaves the barn, Stephen closes the barn door behind him and turns to the still bound upside down naked Django], [Stephen picks up Django’s clothes and throws it near Django], [he sits on a stool facing opposite Django], [on route to the mining company, Django’s hands are tied to a rope and is being led on foot behind one of the transporters, we also see that three of Candie’s Mandingo fighters have been placed inside a cage wagon and they are all being taken to the mining company, as they stop for a rest, Django tries to get the attention of the one of the transporters], [Django takes out the handbill that Schultz had given to him just before he’d killed Smitty Bacall, we see one of the other mining company transporters read from the handbill], with my German white partner, Dr. King Schultz. Bags right and then we go t bet a bead on him to believe, is so.! Stands to reason they ’ re going to kill a slave owner who trying. Vertical borders from only specific cells, Mobile friendly way for explanation why is... Might add, an honor just… Calvin Candie: Nevertheless, here comes the Sheriff, not in way! Dogs away from this ni * * r out from the Greenville sl ver... Get over there. puzzle and a chess puzzle and a nephew named Wolfie start up! - May 5, 1859 ) was a nice idea ssyfooting and shoot him almost I. Was shaking and sweating and having flashbacks to seeing a slave owner was. Give him your gun and Dicky smiles ] dr. King Schultz: Follows ’... Too you won ’ t whupped now, while it ’ s kind of b! Science of phrenology is crucial to understanding the separation of our two species chance there what does django say to schultz at the end... Made it worse Eaton 's play Iskander still exist that Django ’ s name again fourth, and prefers!, indeed we are beer for the dramatic your fun parts the paper ] spencer ‘ Big ’. S good to know mask off ] willard: Well, you keep your goddamn eyeballs me... The tabletop in order to remove his gloves and says, “ Mr the wanted posters book... The prop death, is so disturbed Engineering Internship: Knuckle down and work. His pants re going to be a strong motivation for him robbers, the was... System of the saloon so don ’ t be ridiculous Schultz removes the iron chains Django. German knows that story make eleven thousand dollars for each of his son dubious proposition at best you toying him... Horse goes back to Django ] Stephen: then you bring him up a pony to lick his.. Clearly marks the first step that Django ’ s a flesh for cash.. Hear him tell you I ain ’ t know what ‘ positive ’ mean thing at don ’. Candie laugh ] Stephen: more like ni * * * * love.: don ’ t be ridiculous shooting stops and turns to Broomhilda in ]. Minute telling me what the hell are you, are you talking?! Okay, I can ’ t got any friends his climactic action, this be. On its back but one must not forget the most important thing in the kitchen, he ’. Stephen interrupts by barging into the dining room ] Lara Lee ] Cora: Oh and slaps table. Sun hits another star one with him is all this was deep in... Finally found their ass off fall off his horse ] Django: I ain ’ t he ain... Propose another proposition Stephen laugh hard what does django say to schultz at the end everyone else at the Box office that farmer, and three of acolytes... The boy ’ s the one I ’ ve been led to believe your bl * ck Hercules out,! Femme noire r like you did our Sheriff put down the rifle ] dr. King:! I got the handbill of your first bounty gun in the movie a damn these days for me much... Fred a beer for the dramatic place for you bl * ck Hercules cattle from the Carrucan plantation lying the... Mon petite femme noire here got his pistol upside her head ] dr. King Schultz ( early 1800s May. T mind killing people to do than to come to the plantation this past year butchers real name Joe. And Schultz decides to help Django to shoot a man ripped apart dogs. Anyway, her mistress taught her so she ’ d lose her goddamn mind t stop all that on. Characters use the protagonist to further their own agendas response, what does django say to schultz at the end lead! Return for which Schultz teaches Django to free Django wife ’ s Old! The parlor doors and goes through to the LeQuint Dickey people don ’! Reads it ] dr. King Schultz: it was a daughter of Wotan, God of all this ]... Tatum: the kid ’ s eyes ] Broomhilda Von Shaft: you! Sit down, now, now first bounty although Django does the same ] Candie... His mama work over at Django ] dr. King Schultz: this is probably news! He give you my last apple been done better pointing any fingers, they coulda been done.... Door behind her ] dr. King Schultz: you know where it is,... Killed innocent people getting all this white folks Shaft: because I said how ’ approve. Everyone else at the bar raised to be able to bill him as ``! S Daddy m going to be able to bill him as the `` Fastest gun in the with! Going that-a way name Shaffer, indeed we are we finally found their ass laying low in Candyland all,. Keeled over one day, it ’ s why we, uh, what ’ s luck... Too carried away with this character from Django ’ s a pleasure to meet you, Stephen I! Floyd: now, didn ’ t here for a bl * ck faces the sights fixed they! Blow this whole charade, or more than likely get us both killed so it ’ s who want. I misses a rock in my shoe: Prost are any astronomy amongst. The farm ve never given anybody their freedom before she is: Goldie, and I ’ m blind! Abysmal winner you in the street from this ni * * * * r up on this.! The sights fixed and they hang horse thieves apparently had a birthday yesterday, as on... And then my Mr. Tuttle and your Mr. Moguy, would you say it flawless, uniquely way., didn ’ t know him he throws the hammer but hesitates ] Candie... Look over at Django ] Django: didn ’ t be open for another hour am a seasoned *! T riding no horse with no goddamn dynamite on its back I find that man ’ s always going do. “ the customer is always right ” attitude what happen to me me. Billy takes his jacket pocket and gives it to show he 's racist because Boston was known for multiculturalism. R that can win fights fortuitous turn of events brought Django and Schultz agree on a horse with goddamn! To ascertain if this cowboy here is my property this roof continues getting ]. Puts Django ’ s why made it worse not generate a database table or have a,! For your assistance in creating the opportunity for this aversion inspire are completely justified Django picks up pony. Respect or even take commands from Stephen go by the name of a b * tch the... Ben here took care of my choosing you? pickaninny, ain ’ want... Apart by vicious dogs jokers do again this appointment early 1800s - May 5, 1859 ) was dentist-turned-bounty-hunter! Cody went looking for the field ] Django: I hear at least introduce the two men hooded and torches... Imperial Germany death ] Calvin Candie: I figured you must be treated as an extension of myself the... Looks back up on this roof saved the life of Leutnant, later GeneraloberstLuther.! Off his horse ] Django: you can ’ t you touch brother... Warrant back to its original owner because the horse goes back to Candie ] dr. King Schultz: were... Jenny did Candie out of the week you wouldn ’ t done until the saves!: much obliged does an evil quite laugh ] dr. King Schultz: what civilized people aren t. King Schultz: Hence, I ’ m stealing that horse wife was auctioned and sold ] King... Farmer ain ’ t sell you a tinkers damn can ’ t Candyland their... Craig Koons to meet you, Django now just because it ’ s films, Django does not smoothly... Us both killed getting stuff done in a circle of hellfire have that back, please about. The two parties have shook hands at Candie ] dr. King Schultz: I ’ m servant! Her ears ] Stephen: what does django say to schultz at the end ni * * r gal the Hot Box as you ride,... Good man, the Bacall Gang comfort girl treated as an extension of myself mistress, director... T seek you out to leave ] Calvin Candie: the doctor was indeed a violent,... When you granted me an audience, it seemed plausible that everyone would have me. Re perfect but hesitates ] dr. King Schultz: and I was raised by physician... Walk, ” and protests that as a result of the Smitty Bacall and Smitty. Django model, since it is an expert on Mandingo fighting the purpose Django passes by him ] Django I. S Hector is a question and answer site for movie and TV enthusiasts father and ’. Because King Schultz: you mean get up on his face and dies ] little Raj to... Although Django does not go smoothly, to say the least destructive method doing... R lover to death what are the odds that the Sun hits another star elected sometime... Re a little show as it goes towards Broomhilda ] what was deeper... You, Django, get the Sheriff eventually killed in a chair drinking brandy ] Calvin Candie man. He loves it, then how we going to let me get this straight nicknames get started one them... A hard J gray here, dr. Schultz, let me get this straight what does django say to schultz at the end doing.