I know this isn't normal as it just started happening to me. It's annoying, I deal with it, but am curious if it is a worse problem than what I lead on to be. I never thought anything of it until yesterday when my sternum began cracking. Miia2818 The reason cracking your back feels so good is also up for debate. Chest wall pain is a main symptom. over a year ago, four20tiger10712 People need to know that sternum pain is nothing like heart related chest pain or even angina. She mentioned that she was still dealing with weird dating apps at 42. I have never had any severe trauma to my body or my chest. The sternum -- commonly known as the breastbone -- is the strong flat bone in the center of the chest. It's normal. Today I woke up and my chest really hurts a lot in the mid-to-upper area of my sternum (breast bone). Rest the body and refrain from activity that uses the chest muscles during the recovery period of two to three months. over a year ago, Evita Peron 777 Home » General Health » Sternum Popping: Why Does My Chest Pop? Alternative measures such as acupressure or acupuncture may help by promoting proper blood flow. The sudden sensation of the chest popping during a stretch can be concerning, but in most cases, it is not a serious event. This dislocation is referred to as subluxation. This may also occur in ligaments that are overused and become damaged. The trapezoid-shaped manubrium is the upper portion of the sternum. This may be due to small cracks or fractures within the bone, as seen when the chest is forced against a hard surface such as the vehicle steering wheel. Similarly chest wall injury even without any involvement of the joints may result in reduced movement and pain upon movement. It's not a bad thing to crack your sternum or any other joints, at least not as far as science is concerned anyway. Now there is some discomfort and a pressure on my chest. It started I think my Sophmore year...it would crack silently and now it sounds like someone is cracking their back when mine cracks. I haven't had anything broken and it's strange how this happens. Physical Strain. I've read some research online, but I can't find a definitive answer as to why some people like joint cracking. Costochondritis is commonly seen in the cartilage of the costosternal joint, located at the point where the sternum attaches to the upper portion of the rib cage. It relieves the pressure that will immediately begin to build back up. Treatment for sternal instability may focus on improved mobility in the arms with exercises of bilateral means. at 12/01/17 could not breath in a sleeping position. It is FREE! over a year ago. The popping of the breastbone with radiating pain in the back or arms, excessive sweating, or with jaw pain or breathing difficulty may be signs of a heart attack. Ever since then it just kept cracking whenever I'd streach back in a chair or do that thing with my head again. Cartilage inflammation hinders the movement of the ribs and allows for physical contact of the ribs against the cartilage. Dr B : Is it attached to the overlying skin or is it attached to the sternum