Gold-Dust, Sable, Tri-Color Parti and Traditional Black & Tans. Sable Gold and white Parti Chocolate and white parti Platinum Blonde parti Blue and Gold traditional Black and Gold Black and Tan. Estimated between 4 to 6 lbs as an adult. AKC CH. Parti Yorkshire Terrier Female Puppy - Sundae. Colors include Parti, Chocolate, Golden & Merle Colors. $1200.00 SOLD. We supply a puppy pack including a sample of the Eukanuba puppy food that all of our puppies and adults are raised on. Home. Chocolate Parti Yorkie. Available Puppies. Our yorkies are spoiled and loved in our home. Yorkies have been my passion for years. Sugar Yorkies Adamsville, TN 843-773-1522. Location. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. Blueberry Brook Yorkies Traditional & Parti Colored Yorkie breeder serving Sacramento to Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. AKC Yorkshire Terrier Breeder of Traditional and Color puppies to include Sable, Sable Parti, Chocolate, Chocolate Parti, Traditional Parti and Dark Parti pups. Jake is five years old and is Parti, caries chocolate and sable, He is an AKC registered Parti Yorkie. Yorkie Female. Highlights: SABLE PARTI MALE. Health guaranteed. REFERENCE UPON REQ. parti yorkie puppies Pets and Animals in Virginia at classifieds. Yorkie Male Rare Color Gold Sable Parti . I am going to explain things in the most simple visual way that I can. HEALTH GUARANTEE. This color gene rules apply to Chocolate, Parti, and blonde. Name: Midnight Shadow: Breed: Yorkshire Terrier: Color: KB black carries chocolate blonde and party maybe Merle: Gender: Male: Date of birth: 06/302018: Weight: 2lbs ... AKC Teacup Parti Yorkie. Hi, I am Linda and I specialize in Chocolates and Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) I am from the small community of Pecan Grove in Richmond, Texas near Houston. Colorful Yorkie Myths; Yorkshire Terrier Common Health Issues; Yorkshire Terrier Personality Traits; About The Yorkshire Terrier; Shih Tzu Info . AKC CH. ALL Colors of the Yorkshire Terrier: How Parti Yorkies Came to Be … By Sue White Written in October 2006. A little about color. A nonrefundable deposit will reserve your puppy until he is ready to go to his new home. Lux is a sable parti yorkie female. TEENY TINY GOLD SABLE PARTI YORKIE! They are all healthy and eating well. Inquire for details. Oreo Parti Yorkie Due In Season February . AKC CH. To be considered parti colored the coat must be at least 30% white. Date Of Birth: 12-08-2019 Predicted Adult Size: 3ish Pounds Registration: AKC Color: GOLD Sable Color Parti White Sire: AKC JUNEBUG 3 Pounds (SABLE PARTI) Dam: AKC MIA 5 Pounds (GOLD PARTI) PRICE : $ SOLD Hazzell Traditional Yorkie Due In Season April Being Bred To A Merle Yorkie I’m Even Excited About This Litter Because I’m Holding One Back! We have been breeding yorkies for over 2 decades. Pembroke Pines, FL. FOR DEPOSIT. The litter was named after some of the most prolific creators of luxury items in popular culture. Sable parti male Yorkshire Terrier. YORKIE AVAILABLE. AKC $4500. Yorkie puppies for sale.? Coco Choc&Tan Pomeranian Due In Season February . She will be ready for her new home in late May. So its all about parti (piebald) , blonde, chocolate, etc yorkies. The American Kennel Club has clear standards on the coloring of Yorkshire terriers. In this photo, you see a parti colored yorkie. Vaccinated and dewormed 0745899943 SOLD. They are all AKC Registered and come with a one year health guarantee on genetic conditions. Facetime viewing with Beautiful yorkies is available. AKC CHOCOLATE YORKIE FEMALE. Here is a video with Tinker Bell – She is a Teacup Chocolate Yorkie and her weight is about 1 pound 3 oz. All of our parti puppies are warranted and are AKC registered. We have Goldens, Gold Sables, Golden Parti Yorkies as well as Chocolate Parti Yorkies and Chocolate Yorkies. Page 1 of 2. SOLD. Parti Yorkie is a 100% purebred Yorkshire Terrier, but instead of having the traditional black/tan and gold/tan colors that are most commonly seen in the Yorkshire Terriers, a Parti Yorkie always has a white base with area's of one or two other colors.A tri colored Parti Yorkie is white, black/tan, and gold/tan. We are breeding traditional Blue and Tan, Black and Tan, also we have Parti, Chocolate, sable and Blonde Yorkshire Terriers. Sugar Yorkies Adamsville, TN 843-773-1522. Producing a Parti Yorkie requires breeding two parents with the recessive S-Locus gene that manifests itself in white hair around the dog’s body. Yorkie Puppies For Sale; Parti Yorkies For Sale; AKC Parti Yorkie Puppies Updated: 2018-08-05. We have small, tiny Yorkies for sale from traditional Yorkie colors to the Parti Yorkie Colors and Blondes, Chocolates, and Goldens. Red River Yorkies "Yorkie Puppies for Sale" We specialize in breeding Exotic Colors in Yorkie Puppies. Yorkie M ale. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. The sable pups are 9 weeks old and minatures The parti is 11 weeks old and going to be very very small. 20 yrs of Excellence. AKC Platinum Blonde Yorkie. Gallery. Sable parti female. parti yorkie puppies Pets and Animals in Fredericksburg, Virginia at classifieds. However, as Yorkies age, their genetic makeup instructs some of the eumelanin to lighten, producing blue or silver Yorkie fur. Being a small private breeder in Austin, Texas, we have taken the time and invested in quality dogs to be our foundation breeders to raise the best Yorkie puppies we can. If you are looking for a tiny micro dog please read our Teacup Yorkie article here. Raising healthy, happy furry companions since 1998 ... Yorkie puppies crave human interaction and long to be your best friend and sidekick. My Yorkies/Yorkshire Terriers puppies are truly homegrown. They are all are raised in my home and are spoiled and pampered, receiving lots of love and care. Spring Grove Puppy Paws. In addition to the standard parti color there is also gold parti color and chocolate parti color. Find Dogs, Puppies, Cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. Dam: ELYONNA Gold/Sable Parti (Carries Chocolate) Sire: MOZZY Tri-Color Parti. MUFFIN SABLE PARTIYORKIE $ 3,000 . We have been providing families with lovable pets for over twenty-five years now. Yorkie Valley is an independent breeder of AKC-registered Yorkshire Terriers, bred for quality, color, and temperament. RIVERSIDE CA. Since this is only an average you may have more or less parti puppies in a litter. We are dog breeders that only breed purebred Parti Yorkies. Yorkies come in many different colors. Many skeptical Yorkie owners and breeders, absolutely refuse to believe that the Parti colored Yorkie is anything other than a recent “behind the kennel bred” mutt. Parents are on-site. . My first Yorkie, Crickett, just 3 lbs had to be put down due to medical problems after 11 years. Find Dogs, Puppies, Cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. AKC GOLD-SABLE-CHOCOLATE PARTi YORKiE. SOLD. ... Golden Sable Yorkies. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. IM LOCATED IN. We offer color Yorkies: Parti Yorkies, Chocolate Parti, Blonde Parti, Golden Yorkies, Chocolate Yorkies, and also Traditional Yorkies. Luxe, as in Luxurious, is an appropriate name for this trio which consists of two Parti Yorkies and one Sable Parti Yorkie. View Litter. 2 sable yorkies and 1 parti yorkie. Skip to content (580) 647-0755. We offer stud service, and male and female yorkie puppies and adults. Some of my yorkie babies have blue diamond eyes, hazel eyes, and regular color eyes. All of our traditional, parti color yorkies, golden and golden parti yorkie puppies will come with a one year guarantee. The standard parti color is black (blue), white, and gold (tan). We Have a NEW Litter of Gorgeous AKC Champion Pedigree Yorkies! SOLD. Raising Yorkie Parti puppies in Colorado is like having more kids every year. Jake has been a proven breeder and has produced many nice litters. AKC CH. All of our puppies are raised underfoot with love and are … Catalog > Yorkshire Terrier Puppies > Parti Yorkshire Terrier Puppies < 1 2 > View All. Hazel Red Sable Pomeranian Due In March . About. These rules do not apply to merle or sable. MY MOTHER. Natalies Pups. As a Yorkie lover, I've always admired the Yorkshire Terriers breed. only. DOB: 03-30-2018 Charting 3ish to 4 pounds. Bella Traditional Yorkie Due In Season January . Teacup Chocolate Yorkie. Teacup chocolate Yorkie is a chocolate colored Yorkie, which is less than 4 lbs when it is fully grown. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. Tan, blue and black hair in a specific pattern are outlined in the AKC Yorkie standard. We are a purebred AKC Yorkshire Terrier breeder. LUX HAS BEEN ADOPTED BY THE RODRIGUEZ FAMILY FROM CALIFORNIA! Parti yorkie to a Parti gene Carrier = 2 Parti and 2 parti gene Carriers Carrier to a Carrier = 1 Parti, 2 parti carriers, 1 traditional. AWESOME AKC CHAMPION BLOOD LINES . We have beautiful yorkies of all colors and sizes. 562-200-6131. AKC CHOCOLATE YORKIE. About Chocolate and Parti Colored Coat Yorkshire Terriers! All our Yorkies are AKC registered and are involved in train for either agility, tracking, obedience and/or conformation. May 3, 2018 - River Ten Weeks. Here at Gemstone Yorkies we strive for optimum health introducing a variety of colors including the Chocolate and Parti yorkie colors. The accepted color for the Yorkie is … I have 3 little male pups available. Yorkie … (954) 558-6231. All yorkie puppies that are parti colored can be found on the parti yorkies for sale page. Bring One of Our Amazing Puppies Home! As puppies, the black, sable eumelanin in Yorkies dominates. His … AKC TEACUP TRADiTiONAL COLOR YORKiES!

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