Always remember to block this screensaver from accessing internet ^^ while the screensaver is fine & dandy, i dont understand the motive behind 'requiring internet connection', be very careful what you choose to let in your pc. Hi,No longer works unfortunately.Today it shows a white screen fix it please. A new version of Fliqlo that does not require Flash is now available. I have three. My Screensaver also randomly started showing a white screen, has been fine for at least 2-3 years! I have noticed that in my Windows 10 Surface the screensaver goes black and it locks my system. No hate tho, it's great and if there's a way to make it work without flash, it'll be even better. Any time that I go to click on Fliqlo as a screensaver, it automatically defaults to the message option instead. Traded my vanity for a better home office setup not sure how I feel about this but so far so good.. don’t mind the stacks of eyeshadow palettes, that entire dresser (and drawers on desk) are filled with more makeup A post shared by a . I'm actually gonna go to and make a donation. Still no seconds option after all these years. I'm very happy the developer updated this screen saver. Screensavers Planet: It connects to the internet to check for available updates. THE NEW VERSION LOOKS LIKE ANCIENT BULL SHIT! I use this on the many computers, but flash is ending.... Screensavers Planet: A new version of Fliqlo for Windows that does not rely on Flash is being developed and expected to be released early 2021. Originally developed by Yuki Yamada and improved by Kilkakon, this cool software installs adorable-looking characters onto your computer screen, who will run around doing their own thing without your input. You’ll love the simplicity of Fliqlo Flip Clock: when in power saving mode, the monitor turns into an old-fashioned flip clock. VERY frustrating! !But sinds about a week there is only a white screen :-(hope bug (windows 10) will be fixed soon! Fliqlo won't work since latest IOS update. So when I am sleeping. I've had this screen saver for years and absolutely loved it. 1: 4 months ago: не могу удалить время: 1: 5 months ago: Fliqlo screensaver causing system preferences to freeze. It was a great screensaver until I updated my Mac to the latest IOS Now it won't work since Apple can't control whether the file contains any malware or not.The file needs to be updated to work again. It's nice for me, because I wear glasses.. See this thread on our message board: Adjusting Flip Clock screensaver. Sigh, wait for update for the windows version (v1.4)...doesn't exit on mouse move, have to press any key just to get it to close. If you have an older version of the operating system, please try searching for an older version of the screensaver, e.g. Installed the screensaver on my Win-Vista system today, love the retro look. 915257ed370ff9f2f3db11672cb92f4693808adc3ddff43399a97b306982c86b, 404ae225ae9369d466f4d45ce50986ea7433b975b2ca0e5ea398482c3e05530a. However, a similar app for your iPhone may be available in the App Store. I love this screen saver, but today I started having issues with it. I had to delete the screensaver app. C:\WINDOWS\system32\Fliqlo.scr /u), does it work for macOS10.14.2??? This is because the new (Flash-independent) version does not replace the old one, both have the same screensaver name, and conflicts can occur. But after an update i was unable to show 24h time. It won't open and freezes when I select it.... any tips? Please post to the message board with details of your problem. © Screensavers Planet, 2005-2021. Not working with the latest version of MacOS at the beginning-- But later it is working amazing!!! 1: 3 months ago: How do I install the clock? Happily, it's available both for Windows and Mac OS X. Only two-screens display the clock. Be smart, LCD's can suffer burn in. I hate you Adobe and Microsoft for blocking flash. Some options available to this screensaver, that the original flip clocks did not possess, include the ability to switch between a 12 and a 24-hour format. If you don't how, here is a Tip; 10/10. Rainbow Folders, free and safe download. Can i use it on iPhone locked screen or i must run app everytime? I love this screensaver. it was extremely easy to adjust the timeout period as with any other screensaver. 900.. I'm also getting the white screen today. (@akzakza) on Mar 14, 2019 at 10:59am PDT it didn't work for me i tried it so many times and it downloaded but when i select it to use it as a wallpaper it doesn't. Does anyone have a fix? Known issue: the original Windows version of Fliqlo will stop working once you've installed the Windows Update that removes support for Flash (KB4577586). I uninstalled the update and now Fliqlo is working again. Right-click the "Fliqlo.saver" file, choose "Open", then click "OK". Running on a few Windows 10 computers. I've been using this scrensaver on my big PC for aaaages.Just got it now for my Surface Go and it's perfect to have it beside me while I play videogames to keep track of time :). Any word on why? Screensavers Planet: An older version of Fliqlo for Mac can be downloaded here. Softonic review Have your own desktop companion. Is there a way to remove the 'press any key to clear screensaver' that has been added to this new version? I've been using this screensaver for year (on Windows), and like others have said, today it randomly stopped working and only shows a white screen. probably will have to delete just based on that. Graphics are off, not as clean as the original. That must be what killed any screensaver using flash. Screensavers Planet: We have dedicated a help page to this issue. The old Flash-dependent versions of Fliqlo (1.3.3 and earlier) are no longer working due to the end of support for Adobe Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Fliqlo 翻頁式的時鐘螢幕保護程式 ... 自編國小一至六年級生字簿 is not working, cant open your web page!! Is it safe? Really great screensaver, but after a few minutes the clock disappears. Along with the format, the size of the old-fashioned flip clock can also be customized, from 25% to 125% of the original size. Looks great! Please fix and help!!! Beware, this screensaver nught look innocent, but it remotely tries to connect with some ip unknown to me.

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